We offer a wide portfolio of high-quality products and perfectly tailored solutions for multiple segments of the energy sector and for a full range of applications, including power transmission and distribution, renewable energies, power generation and conversion, oil and natural gas industry, manufacturing industries, railway, electric mobility, energy storage systems, telecommunications, automation, smart buildings, energy efficiency.

All the products are thoroughly tested according to quality standards and therefore comply to the highest levels of performance, thus responding to the special customer demands and applications challenging requirements, caused by the increased focus in implementing new strategies to ensure supply continuity and performance, while emphasizing on reducing the carbon footprint.

Fault indicators for overhead lines
Fault indicators for underground cables
Voltage presence detecting and indicating systems and voltage detectors
Insulated operating rods
Earthing and short-circuiting devices
Protection relays for medium and high voltage
Communication solutions for Smart Grids
Protection and control for low voltage
Uninterruptible direct current power supplies
Switching power supplies
Energy management and energy efficiency
Indoor air quality monitoring and sanitation
Instrument transformers
Solid insulated busbar system
Power factor correction at low voltage
Power factor correction at medium voltage
Active or passive harmonic filters
Power factor controllers
Protection relays for capacitor banks
Portable power quality analyzers
Transformers and reactors
Energy storage systems
Electric vehicle charging solutions