Capacitor banks unbalance protection relay KSR1

Releu protectie condensatoare KSR1

The KSR1 is a modern single-phase unbalance protection relay which covers a wide range of typical monitoring scenarios in MV and HV applications. Capacitors in MV or HV compensations use oil as dielectric, which could catch fire in case of a damage. A permanent supervision of the state of the capacitors is therefore essential. The KSR1 offers many ways to protect the capacitors against internal faults, and can warn and switch off if required (alarm/ trip). The KSR1 can be connected to any power supply from 40 to 250 V AC as well as 40 to 300 V DC. It is therefore capable to work with normal mains connection or with battery power. The imbalance can be monitored either by using a separate current or voltage measuring input. Permissible currents range from 15 mA to 5 A, and permissible voltages from 0,1 to 20 V AC.

Capacitor banks protection relay KSR

Releu protectie condensatoare KSR

The capacitor protection relays KSR monitor and protect valuable property at a very competitive price in MV (10 kV / 20 kV / 30 kV) or HV (60kV / 110 kV) applications. The KSR will measure, warn and if needed switch off capacitors before major damage will occur. With 7 measuring channels, 3 for voltage and 4 for current, the KSR offers a very versatile range of possible connections for monitoring capacitors making it fit for almost any application.

The CT ratio is programmable in a range of 1 – 10000. Current input 1 to 3 share the same CT ratio, whereas channel 4 can be programmed with a different CT ratio. In total there are 32 protection settings available. A total of 6 relays is available for alarm signals, among them 2 c/o and 4 n/o relays. These relays can be “or” linked, so that they are dependent on several alarm conditions. In addition to the alarm relays, also alarm messages can be displayed on the LCD display. Moreover, the KSR relay can be equipped with a fault recorder, so every fault or alarm is recorded with its source, date/ time, limit and maximum value. The option “-DM” also comes with Modbus communication interface, and a digital input.

Capacitor banks protection relay KSR-Z

Releu protectie condensatoare KSR-Z

KSR-Z relay is a product variation of the KSR, but it is equipped with more features. It has been designed for MV or HV applications, to protect the capacitors from overload, over voltage and unbalance with the advanced and flexible microprocessor technology.

The KSR-Z offers factory pre-programmed protection settings, which are based on tripping curves following ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. An alarm will be dependent on the violation of a trigger value and the time of the violation according to the tripping curve. Nothing has to be adjusted by the operator, since everything is pre-programmed. This makes commissioning work easy and fast and also no additional software is needed.

Same as the standard KSR relay, 3 voltage and 4 current measurement channels are available, but the KSR-Z comes by default with a fault recorder, Modbus interface and a digital input.