Monitoring for the electric grid analysis ComPass 2.0

Smart Navigator 2.0 and Smart Navigator 2.0 HV for high-precision measurement and intelligent fault detection

Smart Navigator 2.0 & Smart Navigator 2.0 HV

The Smart Navigator 2.0 is a fault indicator designed for medium voltage overhead lines up to 69 kV while the Smart Navigator 2.0 HV is designed for high voltage overhead lines up to 161 kV. Individual parameter settings tailor the Smart Navigator 2.0 perfectly for all locations in an overhead line network, eliminating false tripping. Whenever a fault is detected, besides the fault information, also all monitoring data is signaled to the control room, thus giving full visibility into the network condition before and after the fault occurred. Fault messages containing information about fault direction, voltage interruption, current drop and increase in conductor temperature support the problem detection and root cause identification.

The Smart Navigator 2.0 harvests the energy for its power supply from the overhead line current. Thanks to dynamic adaptation of its operation to load conditions, a load current of 5 Amps suffices, thus there is no need for any additional pol mounted equipment for its power supply.

Smart Navigator 2.0 Rail directional overhead faulted circuit indicator for railway systems

Smart Navigator 2.0 Rail

The Smart Navigator 2.0 Rail is designed to be quickly and easily mounted on overhead lines of electrified railway systems. Fault messages containing information about short-circuits and fault current direction help to clearly identify problem situations.

Pole-mounted units with solar panels are used to ensure supply and control room communication. Alternatively, these can be powered from a DC or AC auxiliary power supply.

Smart Navigators 2.0 Rail are successfully used worldwide, to detect and remotely report network faults. Therefore, the Smart Navigator 2.0 Rail is tailored to the country-specific radio approvals and the different frequency ranges of the network operators. Thanks to remote signaling, the complex, high-quality and diverse sensor technology enables clear monitoring and thus direct insight into the overhead line network.

Phase-selective fault indication Navigator LM

Navigator LM and Navigator LM HV

Navigator LM & Navigator LM HV

The Navigator LM is a fault indicator designed for medium voltage overhead lines up to 46 kV while the Navigator LM HV is designed for high voltage overhead lines up to 161 kV. The indicator is provided with a self-adjusting load-dependent control of the trip current level. This function allows the indicator to continuously sample the load current on overhead lines and automatically set a corresponding trip value for fault detection as a function of the load current. The maximum load current sampled by the indicator, is kept in its memory for a period of at least 72 hours. Thus, the indicator is most favorably adapted to the network to be monitored, even if low load is currently present.

Navigator LED + Flag

Navigator LED + Flag

The Navigator LED + Flag is a faulted circuit indicator for power distribution overhead lines. The faulted circuit indication is visualized by a large red flag in combination with LEDs. The Navigator LED + Flag has a load tracking characteristic. This means it constantly monitors the load current magnitude on the line and automatically adjusts its trip current level for a fault. The highest current sensed for at least 60 seconds will establish a trip point in memory and holds this value for 72 hours.

The Navigator LED + Flag combines effectively the advantages of a blinking indicator (better visibility) at night and a mechanical flag for difficult to reach applications.