Switching power supplies with single-phase input UNOTEC

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The UNOTEC N is a switch mode power supply of the latest generation, which is characterized by its high efficiency and minimum power losses. It features Power Boost and Hyper Boost functions. The UNOTEC N can be operated redundantly. Operation in series of max. 2 devices and parallel operation of up to 5 devices are possible. Because of modern design, the device will work under a temperature up to 60 ° C without derating.

Switching power supplies with three-phase input TRETEC

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The switch mode power supplies of the TRETEC N range are characterized by high efficiency, up to 95 %. The Power Boost feature allows it to provide 150% of the power for 5 seconds. In addition, they are equipped with signaling contacts for overvoltage, short circuit and temperature, and with a LED that indicates the operating status of the devices.