About us

Electrisium International is an engineering company having the main objective of supplying the most reliable, efficient, sustainable, high quality and technologically advanced products and solutions for various applications and multiple segments of the energy sector. To achieve this objective, we focus to correctly identify the needs of our customers and accordingly provide them our products or solutions and, in addition, our support services.

Our belief is that technology is a force for making better lives for the people, so we strive at every given moment to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers by providing them the benefits of using high performance innovative products and customizable reliable solutions. Offering the appropriate product or the most suitable solution, always involves enthusiasm, passion, dedication, responsibility and professionalism, therefore, never satisfied with the first answer to a request, we always look for the best one.

Our mission is to help our customers to create long-lasting high levels of value which allow us to achieve together new standards of excellence. We are dedicated to supply to our customers the most competitive products and solutions in terms of technology, quality, price, sustainability and delivery, for the widest possible range of sectors and applications.


Our values have always been integrity and honesty which make the core of our successful business relationships with our collaborators. We place special emphasis on all aspects related to quality, constant improvement, commitment to customers, confidentiality, continuous learning and respect for diversity, all being included in our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, which was designed as a guide of principles for our organization members and our collaborators who are encourage to adhere to it and to uphold it.

Our vision is to become a valuable and appreciated company within the energy sector. By continuously updating our knowledge about new technologies and about the new development in the energy sector, we increase our degree of expertise and improve the performance of the services offered, thus being always ready support our customers on their way to solve any difficult issue.

Our services

Electrisium International is offering a full range of professional support services meant to bring long term benefits and competitive advantages to our customers. We are involved constantly to improve our services and we dedicate our time and knowledge to be able to offer tailored products and solutions for the specific requirements of our customers which guarantees performance, reliability and safety.

Specialized Consulting

We have the necessary expertise to provide recommendations in the selection and integration of products and solutions that we supply and also, we are prepared to offer professional assistance and support during their assembly and commissioning. We consider our customers as our partners, therefore, we undertake the most productive actions possible to provide valuable and reliable professional consulting services, as well as excellent aftersales support, to help them reduce their total overall operational costs. We are always enthusiastic to share from the energy sector know-how and to present new products from the world of innovative technologies to which our business partners belong, and also to show the practical benefits of our products and solutions in concrete applications by developing and implementing successful pilot projects in cooperation with our customers.

Procurement Outsourcing

We provide value-focused, cost-efficient, complete-transparent procurement outsourcing service in accordance with the demands of our customers, while maintaining complete confidentiality with any third parties. Our ability and expertise will ensure that our customers benefit of the best suited product available that allows them to gain competitive advantages. We conduct efficient supply market research and analysis, we work meticulously in search for identifying potential suppliers and we thoroughly evaluate and select them, thus, we are always prepared to subject for validation to our customers the best products and solutions available. Consequently, our customers can focus on their core activities, while keeping absolute control over the decisions regarding which products or solutions are ordered from which suppliers and under which conditions.