Redundancy protocols Gateway (PRP/HSR) SIC-A


SIC-A provides any-to-any protocol conversion that permit the integration of equipment with proprietary and legacy protocols in a modern infrastructure with the most recent protocols and redundant topologies. SIC-A can work as a multi-protocol converter, as an unmanaged Redbox or as a redundant protocol gateway and can manage up to 3000 data points of the most common protocols (Modbus, IEC 60870, DLMS, DNP3, …) or up to 800 data points of advanced protocols as IEC 61850.

Time-aware Redbox switch SIC-R


SIC-R is a new concept of modern “managed” device where the intelligence integrated can manage redundant networks with non-packet-loss ethernet communications, sub-microsecond synchronization and cybersecurity capabilities. This device is able to interconnect PRP and HSR networks and extend HSR rings via QuadBox operation.

Managed switch SIC-E


SIC-E is an IEC61850-3 compliance highly reliable Gigabit managed switch which provides dual redundant power inputs with reverse polarity protection and two sets of relays that allows it to be core part of the IEC 61850 network in power substations and control centers. The IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol capabilities allow the deployment of SIC-E in networks with stringent time synchronization requirements. With its high performance, it provides network redundancy self-recovery mechanisms is less than 20ms on full load that enables the user to build a reliable network through a redundant ring topology.

Industrial unmanaged switch (PoE) SIC-G


SIC-G is a 7 port PoE unmanaged Gigabit ethernet switch designed to work in harsh environments such as mining and heavy industry. It has up to five 10/100/1000BASE-T(X) RJ-45 ports and up to two 100/10000 BASE-F(X) and 10000 BASE-X SFP ports. It is implemented with PoE capability of 30W per port up to four ports simplifying the wiring in complex fields.