Implementing optimized lighting monitoring and control systems are crucial investments for private or public companies, which allow them to significantly reduce their operational costs, because the energy used for lighting often constitutes between 20% and 40% of the total electricity bill. Monitoring and automated operation of the lighting offers the opportunity for saving energy and cost optimization, due to the valuable real-time data provided in regards to lighting usage patterns, including energy consumption.


The Electrex Power Quality Energy Analyzer & Web Data Manager are IoT (Internet of Things) type devices, which, in addition to monitoring the energy consumption and providing remotely control through their embedded web interface and communication ports, also offer “energy PLC” functionality (Ladder language) allowing the development of complex energy automation applications, including the monitoring and automated operation of the lighting.


By combining the functionalities of the Electrex Power Quality Energy Analyzer & Web Data Manager with other Electrex equipment like environmental sensors (e.g. luminosity sensors) and input-output modules (e.g. analog outputs for controlling lighting levels), a complete solution for remotely monitoring and controlling the lighting can be developed. Moreover, the interaction between the lighting system and the security systems can be automated, so the lights can be activated in order to support the alarm systems (e.g. turning on entrance and/or yard lights).

The Electrex IoT type devices feature the possibility to register the effective operating time of the lighting systems and also provide the possibility to detect when a single light fixture is faulty, thus offering significant support for the maintenance activity.


Electrex solutions are designed for a wide range of energy management applications, from power quality monitoring and energy efficiency in the industrial, commercial or public sectors, to energy automation and control for renewable energy projects and energy storage systems.


Discover HERE the Electrex solutions that can help you increase your company’s energy efficiency and save energy costs through effective energy management.