With the purpose of supplying high quality products as well as promoting reliable modern technology and innovative manufacturers, we have included in our product portfolio, dry-type or oil-insulated transformers and reactors, thus we are able to offer different types of transformers or reactors suitable for a wide range of medium or low voltage applications, in the electricity distribution, industry and mining, oil and gas, energy conversion, renewable energy (photovoltaic, wind, hydrogen), battery energy storage, e-mobility, railway traction, data centers, etc.


We offer dry-type transformers and reactors manufactured using modern technologies, either cast resin technology or vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) technology and which are available with a large variety of cooling systems: natural air, air-forced or water-forced. Compatible enclosures providing superior protection degrees from IP21 to IP68, can be supplied according to special requirements relating to the environment conditions of installation and operation.


We also offer oil-insulated transformers and reactors with the ONAN (natural air convection) cooling variant, as well as with oil-air or oil-water heat exchanger concepts. In all variants can be used alternative insulating fluids, like synthetic ester, natural ester, or even silicone fluid. We can even meet special requirements in terms of electrical characteristics or structural composition and form.


Whether they have standard or specially customized design, normal or low losses, all transformers and reactors that we supply are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and tested in accordance with latest international standards in force, and moreover their accessories are being offered as optimized technical solution, with the purpose of meeting customer needs as well as the requirements of the applications for which they are used.