Because we want to improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of our customers energy systems, we have included in our product portfolio the full range of fuses for various indoor or outdoor applications, thus we offer:


Medium-voltage fuses for the protection of distribution transformers, motor circuits, capacitor banks, voltage transformers, etc.;

Low-voltage fuses for the protection of electricity distribution networks, transformers, motor circuits, etc.;

Ultra-rapid fuses for protection of semiconductors (escalators, elevators, conveyors, fans, pumps, photovoltaic systems, UPS, etc.);

Miniature fuses for protection of electronic components in various applications from telecommunications to industry.


In addition, to our wide range of fuses, we offer compatible holders and bases to provide our customers with the complete solution.


Even if some fuses are designed for certain specific applications, like solar or wind power generation, energy distribution or energy storage systems, there will always be customers who demand even more individualized products, so we are ready to provide special fuses according to our customer’s specific requirements.


No matter where our supplied fuses are being used, they are an important investment in people’s safety and in the protection of equipment and machinery, because they increase profitability by preventing accidents of the operating personnel and by avoiding damages of installations, that could lead to long disruptions in activity with negative consequences for the business.